boys are easy
There is something beautiful about how easily you have me wrapped around your finger.
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chanyeol picking up his little nugget

Chanyeol snatching a straw from kyungsoo’s mouth after which putting it into his own

Hi! random message, hope you don't mind... uhm, is that you on your dp? and do you think you'll be writing eunhae fics again? i miss the really quality ones these days. :)

Hello :) Don’t mind at all! I think the image you’re referring to is actually an edit from Lu han from exo. At the moment I don’t have any new fics planned (though do I have some on the back burner that need editing) but you never know and I never ruled anything out so maybe some day.


周觅_SJM{He hit him, I hit him, he hit me)


donghae861015: Suju is supporting you !! Korea fighting !! :)^^~~~~~ ©

mc: what are your ideal girl types?

The generous guy, lee hyukjae 

cr. mairooom